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Frankfurt am Main, 02.09.2014 01:00:00

The new Frankfurt School multi-blog platform is online. The blogging platform showcases content from a variety of people from across the Frankfurt School community including students, alumni, professors and staff in order to highlight the diversity of people and projects taking place at the institution. 

As the blog grows and takes shape, you will be able to find articles on new research, development projects taking place around the world, as well as students’ perspectives on life in one of our academic programmes or the last industry visit. This way blog readers will be able to experience the whole spectrum of Frankfurt School. Through cross references to other blogs, for example from FS professors or corporate partners, new ideas and issues are integrated.

The blog is fully mobile enabled, includes German as well as English content and features share- and likebuttons as well as a comments section. We look forward to reading you comments and to sharing the latest posts online!