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Frankfurt am Main, 06.02.2015 12:00:00

Bachelor degree students at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management simulate container workflows at the ZD plant of LSG Sky Chefs at Frankfurt Airport-

Red tubs for foods of all kinds, green wire baskets for vegetables, white boxes for cutlery – the containers used in the ZD plant of airline caterer LSG Sky Chefs come in all colours, shapes and sizes, and are used for many different applications. Of course there are reasons for this diversity of containers. Even so, Dr Jasmin Stahl, Vice President Supply Chain Management, would prefer to cut down the number of container types in use, thereby streamlining processes and reducing the storage footprint.

In a collaborative project organised by Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, ten Bachelor students – split into two teams supervised by Professor Dr Rainer Sibbel, Professor of Business Administration and International Healthcare Management, and Professor Dr Jürgen Strohhecker, Professor of Business Administration, Operations and Cost Management – worked for four months to produce ideas for standardising the containers and analyse the resultant outcomes.

Dr Jasmin Stahl was very impressed by the results, which the two groups of students presented to the company in mid-January. “Very professionally presented, and very carefully prepared. This is significantly more than I hoped for at the start of the project.” The students also felt very positive after the presentation. “The project involved more work than our other subjects, but I’ve never been as proud of anything else I’ve achieved on a course,” commented Maren Bruns, who is studying for a Business Administration degree on a part-time basis. Both professors are also very pleased with the outcome, reporting that “it’s always exciting to find out how complex apparently simple issues can turn out to be in practice. And everybody involved finds it even more enjoyable when they realise it’s all about devising real-life, actionable improvements.