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Frankfurt am Main, 18.05.2015 12:00:00

On Friday, May 8, 2015, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management’s fourth intake of Executive MBA students graduated.

In the morning, the thesis conference took place at Frankfurt School’s campus. Students presented selected EMBA theses to parents, friends, fellow students and lecturers. Topics included „Innovative reform and deregulation of enroute air navigation service markets” or “Male and female board members in the press” and were introduced by the professor supervising the thesis.

In the afternoon, the graduation ceremony took place in Frankfurt’s Paulskirche. After a warm welcome by Professor Dr Udo Steffens, President of Frankfurt School, Peter Feldmann, Lord Mayor of the City of Frankfurt, congratulated the graduates on successfully completing their degrees. The laudatory speech was delivered by Rainer Neske, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management Foundation and member of the Management Board of Deutsche Bank AG. He encouraged the graduates to act responsibly and to maintain an awareness of people who are less well off. He also advised them to “keep extending your own intellectual horizons! Find ways to balance your careers with other activities that fulfil you – in sport, music, literature, philosophy or art, and of course through friendships and families.”

Together with Professor Dr Michael Grote, Vice President Academic Affairs, Frankfurt School President Professor Dr Steffens then presented the new graduates with their degree certificates.

In the evening the graduates, with their families and friends, met with lecturers and staff for a graduation dinner. Programme Director Susanne Hauber, and Professor Dr Horst Löchel, Academic Director of the EMBA-Programme and Professor of Economics at Frankfurt School , appreciated the hard work of the EMBA students and gave out prizes to the best graduates. In his speech the students’ representative Uwe Becker talked about lifelong friendship and the graduates of 2015 as the „class of the century“