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Frankfurt am Main, 11.01.2016 12:00:00

The Master of Finance programme at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management offers excellent prerequisites for a career in the financial services. The online careers platform efinancialcareers analysed which German Master of Finance programme offers the best chances for a job in the financial services.

The ranking is based on the platform's database of resumes of finance professionals with a Master of Finance degree from a German university.The ten most frequently named programmes were added up and compiled to show the percentages. Frankfurt School is on top of the list, followed by Goethe Business School and Goethe University, both in Frankfurt, rank second and third.

The high quality of Frankfurt School’s Master of Finance programme is also reflected by its position in the Financial Times global rankings, where it appears in 21st place.

Frankfurt School’s Master of Finance is a two-year programme, offering concentrations in Capital Markets, Corporate Finance, Risk Management and Financial Accounting & Advisory.