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Frankfurt am Main, 04.04.2017 12:00:00

On Tuesday, March 28, 2017, Adrian Boeren, Johannes Sailer and their team were honored for a student project which they conducted during their studies at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. The former students were received at the headquarters of Quoniam Asset Management GmbH.  They were honored for their seminar paper “Dividend Yield Strategy in the German Stock Market 1995 -2015”. Having faced off three other groups, they got the first prize. A summary of their work will be published in Quoniam´s magazine Quantletter – a bilingual investment journal for 1.000 institutional investors in Germany and across Europe.


Helmut Paulus, CEO, Adrian Boeren, Johannes Sailer and Thomas Kieselstein, CIO

Quoniam´s Founder and CEO, Helmut Paulus, as well as CIO Thomas Kieselstein, awarded the prize to the winners. At the beginning of the year, Quoniam initiated the research cooperation with Frankfurt School, which students can now benefit from. Professor Dr Olaf Stotz, Professor for Asset Management, is the Business School´s supervisor of the cooperation and accompanied the students during the development of their quantative investment strategy. The project was conducted during the lecture “Asset Management” in the student’s bachelor programme. The partners plan to continue and intensify the cooperation in the near future. Adrian Boeran and Johannes Sailer received their Bachelor Degree in February 2017.