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Frankfurt am Main, 15.02.2017 12:00:00

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is updating its Master in Management programme, which will be launched in September 2017. As Frankfurt School has been focusing more and more on the topic of management, it is merging its two existing programmes the Master of International Business and the Master in Management into a new flagship Master in Management programme.

The new the Master in Management programme is more flexible, more international and more competitive in an era of global business. Students will profit from a rigorous science-based approach to management, as well as from the new international characteristics of the programme. In addition, students will be able to choose between five concentrations focusing on Strategy & Organisation, Manufacturing, Digital Business, Marketing and International Business. This will allow students to build thorough background knowledge in their chosen field.
Students who choose the International Business concentration are required to spend at least one semester abroad, those choosing a different concentration will also have the option to study abroad in the fourth semester.

You can find additional information on the FS Blog.