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Frankfurt am Main, 29.06.2017 12:00:00

On Tuesday, June 20, 2017, 150 students of the Master of Finance, Master in Management, Master of International Business as well as alumni of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management met at the European Central Bank for an exclusive event. The business school had also invited future Master of Finance and Master in Management students to the ECB visit. Dr Julia Knobbe, Programme Director of the Master of Finance, had organised the event.

After a short welcome, Gabriel Glöckler, Principal Advisor of the ECB’s Directorate General Communications, gave an insightful talk on the current monetary policy of the ECB. While he acknowledged that there have been various criticisms against the motivations of the ECB, he reiterated the ECB’s role should be observed from a broader base of stakeholders. He also answered questions touching on the policy implications in the wake of the ongoing situation across Europe, to give the students and alumni a better understanding.

"Visiting the ECB headquarters and listening to insights about its role and the importance of the Quantitative Easing was a great opportunity. It was good to meet alumni and share FS experiences with future students", emphasised Abdelaziz El Otmani, Master of Finance student.

Dr Julia Knobbe also enjoyed the evening: “This is our third visit to the ECB and it is great that our students and alumni have the opportunity to get insights into such an important financial institution.”