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Frankfurt am Main, 23.03.2017 12:00:00

On Monday March 20, 2017, the Frankfurt School alumni community in New York City gathered to meet with Dr Heike Brost, member of the FS Executive Board and Head of FS Degree Programmes & Executive Education, and Dr Elisa Antz, Head of Student, Career & Alumni Services. Most of the alumni already knew each other from previous FS alumni meetings and had plenty of topics to pick up. One of these included the FS mentoring programme, since the FS NYC alumni Karsten Schmitz and Sebastian Lutz are engaged in a transatlantic tandem. As Karsten, first alumni mentor from abroad, pointed out: “Of course we have to use skype instead of real meetings, but I still think it’s a great experience – for both of us. It is great for me as a mentor to hear what’s going in Frankfurt and to learn more about a student’s perspective. A lot has changed since I got my degree.”