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Frankfurt skyline

Frankfurt am Main, 21.03.2017 12:00:00

On Monday, March 13, 2017, Alexander Doll, CEO of Barclays Germany and alumnus of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, visited his alma mater for a guest lecture. Together with his colleagues, almost all of them alumni of Frankfurt School, he gave insights on Investment Banking, outlined current trends in banking, provided an overview of Barclays as a global full-service bank and showed how Frankfurt School students can find their way into Investment Banking at Barclays. More than 100 Bachelor and Master students joined the guest lecture.

Dr Elisa Antz, Head of Student, Career and Alumni Relations at Frankfurt School, warmly welcomed the evening’s guests, Alexander Doll and his colleagues from Barclays. This event gave all students a great opportunity to learn more about banking from a practical perspective and the opportunity to network, Dr Elisa Antz said and appealed to the audience: ”Make use of the chance to get to know alumni who work at Barclays.”



Alexander Doll opened his speech by emphasising that the most important thing about a job is that “you need to enjoy what you are doing.” He then gave an overview of capital markets and the structure of the banking landscape before taking a closer look at investment banking specifically. The business of investment banking is driven by clients, markets and the regulatory environment that has gained more and more importance since regulations are increasing, as Alexander Doll pointed out. Oliver Winter, Managing Director at Barclays and also a Frankfurt School alumnus, explained the market in more detail side and touched upon structuring, distribution and trading. In a short role play, two Barclays employees demonstrated a fictional purchase of Bunds and what an exemplary day in macro distribution looks like.

Afterwards, Alexander Doll presented important current trends that the banking sector has been undergoing since the outbreak of the financial crisis, such as consolidation, regulation, Fintechs and the Blockchain technology.

Before the speakers opened up the panel for a Q&A session, Frankfurt School alumnus Christian Burkard, who is a Director at Barclays, explained how Bachelor and Master Graduates of Frankfurt School can find their way to Barclays.

The evening ended with a lively discussion, networking and face-to-face talks. Julian Born, a Bachelor student at Frankfurt School, commented: “The talk was very informative and it was great that young employees from Barclays who also studied at Frankfurt School attended the event. It gave me and my fellow students a perfect opportunity to network.” Christina Verbov, also a Bachelor student in her second semester said that the event with Alexander Doll gave her a good overview of investment banking.