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Frankfurt am Main, 29.03.2017 12:00:00

On Monday, March 27, 2017, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management hosted a breakfast for all of its scholarship holders – across programmes and classes. Nearly 100 scholarship holders attended the event. Professor Dr Michael H. Grote, Vice President Academic Affairs and Professor of Corporate Finance at Frankfurt School, welcomed the attendees.



In his speech, Professor Grote pointed out important recent developments of FS such as the progress in rankings. In order to explain how Frankfurt School has improved its position as a leading European Business School, Professor Grote emphasised that the Business School keeps attracting more and more highly qualified faculty members as well as students from all over the world. Also, he gave the students an advice how to support the successful development of Frankfurt School: “Always be a good ambassador”. According to Professor Grote, being a scholarship holder brings responsibility in terms of representing and giving back – especially after graduating. Thus, he mentioned that FS alumni, who enjoyed a scholarship and finally achieved the position they have strived for, should remember how they got there. Hence, he highlighted that donating for scholarships can change the whole vita of a student. In this context, Professor Grote put the Klaus-Peter Müller Scholarship on record – a fund, over 1 million Euros for participants of a full-time Master or MBA programme. In order to help as many students as possible, recipients of a KPM scholarship are encouraged to support the fund and give back, after their graduation and when they have started a career.