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Frankfurt am Main, 23.11.2017 12:00:00

Within two months, Egide Bezeyame Nshole, who comes from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, will design a part of the café´s interior on the new campus of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. The painter will create an artwork covering an area of seven meters length and three meters height symbolising the different cultural backgrounds of the students and employees at Frankfurt School. “The design of Frankfurt School´s new campus represents the internationality of our students. One can recognise that in the campus garden as well as through the interior design. Working together with Egide Bezeyame Nshole empasises our internationality and shows our close relation to Africa, where we work on many projects”, explains Professor Dr Udo Steffens, President of Frankfurt School.


Egide Bezeyame Nshole in the Frankfurt School Deli

The artist aims to create a contemporary collage with different surfaces that combines traditional elements with the building´s modern design. “One can consider African art as contemporary. However, I like to mingle my work with domestic traditions. Hence, while working for Frankfurt School, I will use elements of Raphia, an African palm”, says Egide Bezeyame Nshole. The setting is also important for the artist´s success: “The surrounding always has an impact on my artworks. The building´s cool Scandinavian design is great. Also, the young people here inspire my work”.

Reunion after 17 years

Egide Bezeyame Nshole owes his commission to Frankfurt School´s President. “In 2000 Professor Steffens and I met for the first time. He bought one of my paintings at an exhibition in Kinshasa. Since then, a lot has happened. I have been living in Canada for several years now. However, Professor Steffens remained persistent. Finally, he contacted me on Facebook. Unbelievable – after so many years”, explains Nshole. Working for Frankfurt School makes the artist really happy, as it gives him the opportunity to make a contribution to the business school´s new campus.