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Frankfurt am Main, 16.10.2017 12:00:00

From September 18 to September 22, 2017, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management organised its first Training of the Blockchain Developer Programme for executives. Andreas Emser, Director Executive Education International Advisory Services at Frankfurt School, and Professor Dr Phillipp Sandner, Head of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, implemented the training and officially welcomed the participants.

The course is designed for experienced programmers, who want to acquire new skills in blockchain technology. It aims to teach developers and software engineers about devising and developing blockchain projects using the Ethereum and the Hyperledger platforms. At the first training, 16 participants with international backgrounds from different companies such as Accenture, Kaufland and Lufthansa took part.

Moritz Strube, founder and analyst at Crisp Research, who is an experienced technology manager and business developer with a special focus on blockchain, chatbots, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, conducted the first day. Following, Wilfried Kopp, Senior Expert Blockchain at KI Decentralized GmbH, and Eric Alexander Holst, working in the field of Behavioural Economics for Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, led the trainings.

During the course the trainers combined theory with a strong pragmatic approach. In order to expand the knowledge of the participants the trainings were very interactive.