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Frankfurt am Main, 26.09.2017 12:00:00

In the frame of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management’s advisory mandate by the European Investment Bank (EIB) in the Southern African region, training courses have been conducted in cooperation with Universidade Politécnica in Maputo, Mozambique to include employees from banking institutions not receiving EIB credit lines.

Following these successful training courses, several leading banks participated in the “Round table on further education for the banking and finance sector in Mozambique” held at Universidade Politécnica in Maputo on August 22, 2017 to agree on the way forward for sustainable professional education in the banking and finance Sector. The round table was opened by Professor Narcisio Matos, Pro-Rector of Universidade Politécnica. The representatives stressed that there were no professional courses available in Mozambique, all trainings being imported from South Africa or Portugal (or taking place in these countries) without any adaptation of the training content to the Mozambican financial sector. The participants agreed to establish high quality and relevant certification training for bankers in Maputo. Fatma Dirkes, Head of Frankfurt School’s International Advisory Services, and Willemien Libois, Senior Project Manager at Frankfurt School,signed a Memorandum of Understanding between Frankfurt School and the Universidade Politécnica in Mozambique.


Participants of the round table at Universidade Politécnica, Maputo, including Fatma Dirkes, Willemien Libois and Filipe Marques, Frankfurt School

About the Universidade Politécnica

Universidade Politécnica is a private institution of higher education, with its headquarters in the city of Maputo. The Polytechnic University arouse from the transformation of the Higher Polytechnic and University Institute (ISPU), under the authorisation of the Council of Ministers, through Decree No. 42/2007 of October 5, 2007. Polytechnic University has more than 4000 students, about 250 teachers, and close to 200 employees.