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Frankfurt am Main, 11.12.2018 12:00:00

At the end of October, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management hosted the conference „Digital Payments 2018 – revolutionary transactions“. The third annual conference offered a broad overview of current developments in the field of digital payment transactions. Moreover, experts talked about the future development of customer processes as well as business models.

Arno Walter, CEO of Comdirect bank AG, participated as one of the key-note speakers. Together with Professor Dr Jürgen Moormann, host of the conference and Concardis Professor of Bank and Process Management at Frankfurt School, he talked about how the bank makes its customers everyday life easier.

“When it comes to mobile payment, it is crucial that it works easy and convenient. Today, smartphones are constant companions. However, more and more people leave their wallets at home”, emphasised Arno Walter. Because of that, it is the banks goal and mission to provide easy access to mobile payment.