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Frankfurt am Main, 04.12.2018 12:00:00

Frankfurt Bockenheim. It is a cold and cloudy morning in autumn. Fog covers grey buildings from the 1960s and 70s. Nevertheless, a colourful and trendy start-up hides behind the old facades. Oatsome offers so-called smoothie bowls and was founded by Tim Horn and Philipp Reif, both Bachelor of Science graduates from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in 2013. Phones are ringing, a young and dynamic team is in a rush. They are working on colourful packages and new flavours. Together, the Frankfurt School graduates founded their own start-up with a lot of enthusiasm. Many of their previous fellow students are now working for big companies such as Deutsche Bank or McKinsey. However, Tim Horn and Philipp Reif take care of the right marketing strategy for Mango Mia, Kakaogeflüster or Zimterella – different smoothie bowls with Mango, cocoa or cinnamon.

“During my time at the university and after graduating I was working for big corporates, where I gained a lot of experience. However, being a founder enables me to make a real impact. We have always been passionate about healthy eating. Therefore, we can realise our dreams with the start-up”, says Tim Horn.

Start-up wins contest for founders: Europe’s biggest drugstore chain will offer Oatsome throughout Germany     

Because of their passion for healthy food the founders have already achieved a lot. The start-up has won a contest for founders by dm-drogerie-markt – Europe´s biggest drugstore chain. “Next spring, dm will offer our products all over Germany. This is a huge step for us”, explains Philipp Reif.

Both founders have benefited a lot from their academic education and good network at Frankfurt School. The practical approach as well as courses such as accounting and other tax issues still help the founders to deal with bureaucratic processes during their daily work.