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Frankfurt am Main, 03.01.2018 12:00:00

On Tuesday, December 2, 2017, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management organised its first TEDx Talk. Under the title “Push Yourself and Remove Boundaries” seven experts in the field of economics and science held lectures about how to achieve personal goals in work and private life successfully. The student initiative TEDxFS, founded in January 2017, had organised the event. On behalf of the initiative, the founders Maurice Hensl, Leon Sander and Julian Vehlies welcomed more than 100 participants – including students, alumni and staff of Frankfurt School.


The experts were Stefan Torges, Executive Director at Raising for Effective Giving of the Effective Altruism Foundation, Katharina Brinck, Junior Consultant at sustainable impact, Nicolas Hartmann, Associate Consultant at Bain & Company, Johannes Wolf, Project Director at be.boosted, Marco Badwal, Research Scholar at Harvard University, Louis Bauer, Head of Business at WARR Hyperloop, and Farai Mubaiwa, Masters Student at King´s College London.


A following get-together with snacks and drinks gave the attendees the possibility to ask further questions and to get to network. In 2018 the student initiative will organise further events with guest lecturers at regular intervals.