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Frankfurt am Main, 26.03.2018 12:00:00

On Wednesday, March 21, 2018, Frankfurt School of Finance & Managament celebrated its first International Day on the business school´s new campus. Students from 13 different countries including Brasil, China, England, France, Greece, Canada, Croatia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Russia, Schottland, Soutkorea and Turkey prepared food and drinks for the guests. In addition, one student from Kurdistan prepared local delights. For the first time Kurdistan, Nicaragua and Turkey participated in the event.

Roger Castillon from Nicaragua, a Master of International Business student at Frankfurt School thinks that the International Day is a special opportunity to get to know other cultures and students. “Frankfurt School represents internationality. However, in everyday life it is sometimes not that easy to learn more about the other students backgrounds. Hence, such an event is perfect for networking – not only with students but also with FS staff”, emphasises Roger Castillon.


Roger Castillon from Nicaragua

For the event he cooked late into the night: “A lot of work, but it was worth it – through the food all the others get to know more about my home country. I cooked a typical dish for Nicaragua. It is called Fritanga. It consist of many ingredients: ‚Gallo pinto‘ which is rice and red beans, fried beef, salted and fried banana was well as salad and avocado”.

Roger Castillon highly values studying at Frankfurt School. Hence, he wants to give something back to the FS community. The International Day gives him the possibility to get in contact with a lot of people he has not met before.

Desserts from Scotland

Emily Dazell from Scotland, who is a bachelor student and does her exchange semester at Frankfurt School prepared country-specific sweets: “Shortbread and Tablet, a caramel cake, belong to Scottish high tea. Obiously the Scottish Whisky is also typical for my home country”, says the student.

According to Emily Dazell the International Day gives her the opportunity to get in touch with students from all over the world. Also, she thinks that food is a good way to start getting to know a foreign country.


Emily Dazell, exchange student from Scottland

Students vote: Most delicious food comes from Kurdistan

A survey gave all the guests of the International Day the possibility to vote for the best food, the best decoration as well as the most authentic outfit. The result: The most delicious food was prepared by Kurdistan. Brasil had the most sophisticated decoration and the students from South Korea wore the most authentic clothes.