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Frankfurt am Main, 13.03.2018 12:00:00

For the first time, the campus of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management will be exhibition venue for the Luminale. The Luminale is Frankfurt’s biennale for light art and takes place every other year. The Italian artist Eleonora Esse will present three light installations on the grounds of the campus garden for the duration of the exhibition. The Luminale takes place from March 18 to 23 and Eleonora Esse’s art can be visited all-day.

Eleonora Esses’s project “Building Bridges” aims to find common themes in major religions, to highlight what links us to “the other”, “the different” and “the foreigner”. Three messages, centered on essential values, are shown as LED signs.



“This work aspires to take part in people’s lives, to stimulate actions, thoughts and to rethink. I have used primary colors because these messages are the ABC, the reference points of one’s life to live happier and more consciously”, describes Eleonora Esse.

“We are glad that our campus can be function as exhibition venue to present Eleonora Esse’s art in a public space”, reports Professor Dr Udo Steffens, president of Frankfurt School. “Frankfurt School and Eleonora Esse’s art stand for internationality. And therefore our campus garden that represents the five continents in mini landscapes is a great place for her light installation”, Udo Steffens continues.