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Frankfurt am Main, 07.03.2018 12:00:00

On Thursday, Februrary 22, 2018, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management hosted the first vernissage on its new campus. Reason was the official inauguration of the new collage in the business school´s Deli. Egide Nshole Bêzeyame, who originally comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo, created the artwork covering an area of seven meters length and three meters height. In addition to the inauguration, the painter exhibited 16 other paintings in the foyer of Frankfurt School.

Professor Dr Udo Steffens officially welcomed the guests: “I am really happy to welcome you to our first vernissage on the new campus. The artists collage as well as this evening represents Frankfurt School´s internationality. It shows also our connection to Africa – especially to Sub-Saharan Africa.” According to Professor Steffens the collage fits into the buildings design. The new campus represents the five main continents, one of them being Africa.



The painter´s commitment at Frankfurt School is rooted in the business school´s activities in Africa: “African men and women are studying, teaching and doing research on our campus in Frankfurt, and on our study programmes in Kinshasa. Hence, I visit the continent very often. Also, this is the reason I met Egide during an exhibition back in 2000 in the Democratic Republic of Congo” explains Professor Steffens. Because of the new campus design representing the internationality of its students, Frankfurt School decided to let Egide Nshole Bêzeyame paint the collage in the Deli.

Artist wants to connect present, past and future with his work

“Working here was very easy. The atmosphere was very positive and I was inspired by all these young people coming from all around the world. The five people in the artwork represent Frankfurt School students who are here to learn in order to reach their future goals”, says the painter. Also, he used elements of Raphia, an African palm. Based on the interaction of various elements, Egide Nshole Bêzeyame aims to connect present, past and future.