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Frankfurt am Main, 13.11.2018 12:00:00

In late August, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management welcomed more than 700 students at the official semester opening ceremony. 50 of them come from India – nearly one in four of all new international students. Because of an increasing interest of potential students coming from the South Asian country the business school has launched a virtual India Desk. The new landing page provides information such as all degree programmes and gives an overview when and where Frankfurt School employees visit fairs in India. However, the business school is still present with its office in Mumbai.

Combining theory and practice: Three-Day Model particularly attractive

Indian student Anindita Subramanian started the Master of Finance at Frankfurt School this winter semester. Two reasons were particularly important for her decision to study in Germany: “In contrast to a master programme in the UK it takes two years at Frankfurt School. Moreover, the three-day model offers the possibility to combine studying and working. It gives me the possibility to gain a lot of practical experience. Also, Frankfurt School is well connected to enterprises in different industrial sectors.”


Anindita Subramanian studies the Master of Finance at Frankfurt School

The 22 year-old has been passionate about Germany for many years. Because of that, she aimed to do her master degree there. “Germany has always been attractive for me – it is well known all over the world because of its many successful enterprises. Therefore, I started learning German during my bachelor”, says Anindita Subramanian.

The student got in touch with Frankfurt School because of its high position in the Master of Finance ranking of the Financial Times. “As the only German university Frankfurt School appears in the table. Thus, I did a lot of research about the school and finally got here”, explains Anindita Subramanian.