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Frankfurt am Main, 26.11.2018 12:00:00

Nearly one in four of all new students at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management are granted a scholarship. The business school as well as companies, foundations, alumni and other private individuals sponsor the scholarships. Ananya Neogi, Master in Applied Data Science student, is the first scholarship holder of the Women in STEM Scholarship at Frankfurt School. The scholarship is a special programme for young women, who study science, technology, engineering or mathematics. For the 28-year-old it was an important factor to study at the business school. “A scholarship that covers 50 percent of my tuition fees was crucial to start studying at FS. I can now continue to get further special skills at a renowned business school”, emphasises Ananya Neogi.

French tech company Sopra Steria sponsors half of the student´s scholarship. “I meet employees of the company on a regular basis. We talk about subject-related issues, about new skills I could apply at Sopra Steria”, says Ananya Neogi.

Ananya Neogi has already studied engineering and graduated with an MBA. However, she aims to gain new skills with the Master in Applied Data Science. Her prime focus is to learn as much as she can from top professors. In order to have competitive advantages she wants to know more about topics such as Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence on a professional level. “Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence become more and more important. In the future I want to work in the industry sector where I can apply what I have learned here. The Master in Applied Data Science combines computer science with management skills”, explains the student.

Frankfurt School Scholarship: Business school supports bachelor students

Quirin Zundl enjoys being at Frankfurt School. At the business school he has a demanding but supportive environment. In addition to learning about economic relationships, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with the concentration in Management, Philosophy and Economics offers the student to see the big picture – especially because of participating in courses that are related to logic and philosophy.

Before applying at Frankfurt School he did a lot of research about scholarships at the business school. “I have read and asked a lot. Asking questions is important. There are a lot of possibilities to be supported – there are options for nearly everyone. For my 50 percent bursary a very good Abitur as well as social commitment were crucial”, explains Quirin Zundl, who was proposed by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes and finally received a Frankfurt School Scholarship.