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Frankfurt am Main, 12.10.2018 12:00:00

On Saturday, October 6, 2018, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management celebrated its first homecoming on the new campus. Staff, students, alumni as well as friends of Frankfurt School attended the event. At the homecoming the business school opened its new gym and celebrated the anniversary of the classes of 1998 and 2008. In the presence of Wolfgang Steubing the FS library was officially renamed Steubing Learning Centre. Furthermore, the artist Sabine van de Loo exhibited photographs of the former Regional Tax Office and the new campus.

Sustainable gym: Wood used grows in only 52,5 seconds in German forests

“Our gym is a milestone for a real campus life at Frankfurt School. It will bring students as well as FS staff together. Unlike other gyms we create attraction so that ours will be used regularly”, said Karolina Kristic, CFO at Frankfurt School.

Dominic Schatz-Cross, Director of Business Development at Frankfurt School as well as the gym´s project manager, thanked the different partners for working together efficiently. “It was a challenging and bureaucratic process – finally we only needed five months for building the gym. We all pulled together”, emphasised Schatz-Cross.


Andreas Bendlin, managing director at MOW Architects, highlighted the gym´s sustainability. “The building has a reduced demand for energy. It undercuts the required standards by 20 percent”, he explained. Moreover, he emphasised the quick realisation of the project. Therefore, he thanked the FS project leaders Karolina Krisitic and Dominic Schatz-Cross.

“The amount of wood that is used for the building grows every 52,5 seconds in Germany. In total we have used 200 cubic metres”, said André Welzel, manager at the architectural office Mobispace.

Following, Professor Dr Nils Stieglitz, President of Frankfurt School, cut the ribbon and the attendees could experience the gym for the very first time.


Alumni explore the campus: Active participation of the classes of 1998 and 2008

Goal of the homecoming was to bring the former FS students back on campus. Especially honored were the alumni who graduated ten and twenty years ago from the business school. In addition to a campus tour, Frankfurt School´s Strategic Relations organised an official alumni reunion reception. Professor Dr Nils Stieglitz welcomed the attendees. “For the success of our business school alumni have a specific significance. Through an active and lively alumni community as well as your good networks, you have supported the development from Bankakademie to a renowned business school – as advisors for us, our students as well as donors. Obviously you also foster the institution´s identity”, emphasised Professor Stieglitz.


Professor Dr Nils Stieglitz welcomes FS Alumni

Vernissage: Play of light and shade  

She does not want to do architectural photography, said Simone van de Loo at the exhibition in the business school´s Präsidialbau. With her photographs she wants to express the play of light and shadow as well as the movement of people in the high quality building. “The former Regional Tax Office has fascinated me as much as the new campus”, said the artist.

Simone van de Loo permanently visited the new building to take photos at different times of the day. “I was especially interested in the changes of colours – depending on the incidence of light as well as the perspective”, explained van de Loo. “The Foyer of Frankfurt School is very fascinating – it reflects knowledge, interaction and openness”.

Wolfgang Steubing: Eponym of the business school´s library

Following, the new sign of the Frankfurt School library was revealed. The official name is now Steubing Learning Centre. “Our Learning Centre is a special location that mirrors our demand for impact, science and excellence. From now on the official name is Steubing Learning Centre”, said Nils Stieglitz.

According to Professor Stieglitz there are three reasons for the naming. Wolfgang Steubing is very commited in his hometown Frankfurt and has achieved a lot in the financial industry. Therefore, Frankfurt School and Wolfgang Steubing fit together perfectly. Furthermore, Steubing  is a grateful donor who is engaged in a variety of areas – social organisations, sports, arts as well as science.


Wolfgang Steubing reveals the new sign of the FS library

“In 2014 you announced to support Frankfurt School with an amount of one million euros. We are proud to name our ‘temple of ideas’ officially Steubing Learning Centre from now on”, emphasised Professor Stieglitz.

Moreover, Nils Stieglitz explained that Wolgang Steubing promotes excellence. This especially mirrors his commitment to football. “I just say 4:1! This results in an European competition against Lazio Rom – seriously excellent”, he said.

“Frankfurt School is only the fourth business school in Germany to earn the Triple Crown. Therefore, I am really happy to be here tonight. The Learning Centre is an ideal meeting place, also for finding friends. I will remain your friend for a long future”, emphasised Wolfgang Steubing.


Presentation of the Alumni Award: Ceremony to value outstanding students

Following, Dr Elisa Antz, Head of Strategic Relations at Frankfurt School, presented the FS Alumni Award for the first time of the business school.

“We want to value our former students. A lot of them are still very committed to Frankfurt School – even after having graduated many years ago. Florian P. Meyer, today working at Goldman Sachs, graduated from FS with a Bachelor in Business Administration in 2012. Following, he did his Master of Mergers & Acquisitions at our business school. It could not be more appropriate to hand over the award to Florian P. Meyer”, Elisa Antz emphasised.

“Obviously, there are many other alumni who had deserved getting this award. Thus, I am really grateful. Frankfurt School accompanied my life for the last 14 years. To see the institution´s successful development as a student and later as a professional makes me proud. Without Frankfurt School my career would not have been possible. Because of that, I want to give something back – I want to share my experiences”, explained Florian P. Meyer.

Finally, all attendees celebrated the first homecoming on the Frankfurt School campus with a party in the building´s foyer.


Florian P. Meyer recieved the FS Alumni Award