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Frankfurt am Main, 17.10.2018 12:00:00

On Monday, October 3, 2018, it was a long day for the students. The first Hackathon together with Deloitte at the AI Lab of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management was intense. Students who know how to handle complex algorithms and are used to management questions came together. It was their goal to deal with questions concerning electromobility as well as the financial industry.

When will electric vehicles be the norm? Based on data, the candidates had to find out when it is likely that there will be more battery-driven vehicles than those with common combustion engines. For their analysis they had to consider regional, political regulatory as well as technological indicators.

Which financial products will be indispensable in the future? In order to find an answer to this question, the candidates had to include the increasing personalisation, automatisation, newest developments in transactions and relevance for customers in their analysis.

From nine in the morning until ten in the evening the students worked in the well-equipped AI Lab, that will be opened in January 2019 to the public.

David Thogmartin, Senior Manager and data expert at Deloitte, was one of the judges. He was impressed by the winner´s approach. Deloitte announced a prize of 3.000 euro as well as an invitation to the consulting firm.


Zakaria Abu Grin, Erik Lehmann, Laura Sophie Mina and Haowei Shi together with David Thogmartin (from left to right) won with a presentation about future financial products. With their idea the winning team offers a personalised service based on deep learning to create an optimal customer experience for millennials and digital natives.

As Hack@Lab mentors the experts Gergely Szertics, CEO at AI Partners and Lecturer at Frankfurt School, Vahe Adonians, Senior Lecturer, and Professor Dr Peter Roßbach, Professor for General Business Administration and Business Informatics, both working for Frankfurt School, discussed the different solutions and ideas. Joanna Karajanov, Chief Information Officer at Frankfurt School, was particularly happy that students of the new Master in Applied Data Science participated in the first Hackathon. All participants of the Hackathon were honored.


Lucie Neumann, Michelle Liu, Mohammed Safiulla Dadabai and Tim Weinert achieved the second place.

The Hack@Lab ended in the late evening. The candidates were tired but happy – including the Deloitte participants, who were impressed by the students´ ideas, as well as the FS organisers.