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Frankfurt am Main, 18.10.2018 12:00:00

On Monday, October 2, 2018, Master of Finance and Master in Management students, as well as Alumni of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, attended an exclusive event at European Central Bank.

Gabriel Glöckler, Principal Adviser of the ECB’s Directorate General Communications, delivered a reflective talk on ECB policy, the euro, and Europe after the crisis. He explained how various ECB policy measures had created favourable financing conditions, repaired the transmission of monetary policy to the economy, and also considered how the Eurozone might have fared in scenarios without ECB support. Moreover, he talked about the road to policy “normalisation” and addressed questions regarding the criticism of the ECB’s crisis measures.


"Gabriel Glöckler has given us plenty of insights about the ECB, especially concerning the reasoning of its past measures to stabilise the markets within their overall objective and mandate which is price stability. As a working professional, these insights are very helpful for the daily work in the banking industry for understanding the ongoing processes within the European Central Bank. Also, events like this help to foster the collection between former study colleagues and to get insights about their daily doing in a perfect atmosphere", says David Uhrhan, Master of Finance Alumni.

“Being a non-EU citizen, visiting the ECB for the first time, learning about economic policy measures, and having our questions answered directly by Mr. Glöckler was a thrilling experience. One of the highlights of our Masters programme I’ve always enjoyed is being exposed to the industry outside of the classroom and especially this experience is something that I would not have had otherwise. We had the wonderful opportunity to speak with several ECB employees directly and gain further understanding as to what it means to work at ECB”, emphasises Visvas Gopal Kandhan, Master of Finance student.