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Frankfurt am Main, 24.09.2018 12:00:00

On Thursday, September 20, 2018, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management´s student initiative Economy & Politics invited Hessian politicians to a panel. Representatives of all state parliamentary parties as well as the top candidate of the Alternative für Deutschland answered the student´s questions at the business school.


The panel: Dr Ulrich Wilken (Die Linke), Vice President of the Hessian parliament, Gernot Grumbach (SPD), Science Policy Representative, Kaya Kinkel (Grüne), Economic Policy Spokesperson, Andreas Horchler (Frankfurt School), Ulrich Caspar (CDU), Economic Policy Spokesperson, Jürgen Lenders (FDP) Parliamentary Manager, Dr Dr Rainer Rahn (AfD), top candidate

Simon Lang, head of the student initiative, emphasises how important it is to speak about regional politics at university: “The aim of the panel was to provide a platform for regional topics. Normally these subjects are rarely discussed here. Moreover, an interactive discussion was important for us in order to intensify the exchange between audience and politicians”.


Students listening to the panel discussion

The audience asked questions if regional politicians even deal with the concerns of younger people and how they would take care of affordable housing. In addition, the students wanted to know how the panelists think about private universities as well as how they handle subjects such as migration or Brexit – especially how the UK leaving the European Union affects the financial centre Frankfurt.

In addition to the questions of the present audience, the app provided anonymous questions. For each question the candidates hat two minutes time.


Group picture of the representatives and the FS initiative