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Frankfurt am Main, 11.09.2018 12:00:00

The demand is growing rapidly. Business savvy data scientists with collaborative skills, solving real-world data science problems are hard to find. Now the first 16 students of Frankfurt School´s new programme Master in Applied Data Science have arrived on campus. In the four- semester-programme they will learn to tackle exactly these problems with a combination of applied machine learning, data science and business problem solving.

Loa Marx from Ludwigshafen is one of the new students. Equipped with a Bachelor in Business Informatics, she grew more and more interested in Frankfurt School´s Master in Applied Data Science programme: “With big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning comes an incredible potential to apply this knowledge professionally. This is not something exclusively for nerds. It will grow increasingly important for all of us.“

Once she finishes her Master´s degree from Frankfurt School, Loa Marx intends to start a career in data analytics, eventually in management. She was surprised by her fellow MADS students, because of the diversity, the internationality, and the different educational backgrounds.


Joanna Karajanov, Chief Information Officer of Frankfurt School and Programme Director for the Master in Applied Data Science, confirms: “We have eight different nationalities in the programme, we almost have a fifty-fifty gender distribution and the average age is twenty-five. We have students with Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration, obviously Computer Science, Engineering, but also Linguistics, and, interestingly enough, we have a student who is twenty-five years old and holds a PhD in Biology.“

Joanna Karajanov is convinced that the future Applied Data Scientists will have excellent career opportunities: “In Silicon Valley and in the consulting business they are called translators or internal consultants. A computer scientist will not necessarily be trained in analytical, communication and cross functional skills that our students will acquire.“ And vice versa, managers do not always have sufficient machine learning or deep learning skills as well as big data methodologies at hand that Frankfurt School Master in Applied Data Science graduates will have.