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Frankfurt am Main, 17.04.2019 12:00:00

For the next winter semester, the Frankfurt School Alumni Association has announced to provide access to the Deutschlandstipendium, a scholarship programme initiated by the German government, for ten students. The support is an increase of nearly 50 percent.

“We really appreciate the principle of a public-private partnership for this scholarship. As a private institution we sponsor young talents with a pledge of 150 euros per month. The Federal Government matches this amount with another 150 euros”, says Oliver Kopp chairman of the FS Alumni Association. “Moreover, we want to provide practical support. Hence, it is great that we were able to extend our commitment,” he empasises.

Moreover, it is a goal of the Frankfurt School Alumni Association to make sure that the students give something back after graduating from the business school. “We all have really good memories about studying at FS. Therefore, we want to foster the Frankfurt School community,” explains Oliver Kopp.

Angelika Werner, Vice President Strategic Relations at Frankfurt School, and responsible for alumni work is thankful for the support: “Our alumni really support current students and are still connected to Frankfurt School – we do not take this for granted.”

Deutschlandstipendium at Frankfurt School

Frankfurt School has participated in the scholarship programme of the German government since the start of the Deutschlandstipendium in 2011. The Deutschlandstipendium supports highly talented students with 3.600 euros per year. One half is sponsored by a private person or institution and the other half by the Federal Government.

Many sponsors: Private persons and institutions

In addition to the Frankfurt School Alumni Association, the following private donors and institutions will sponsor one or various scholarships for the next period: Dr Jutta Buscha-Hagenmüller, Nikola Kopp, Oliver Kopp, Frank Krauthäuser, Kirsten Krauthäuser, Dr Horst Müller, Rainer Neske, Dr Lutz Raettig, Dr Steen Rothenberger, as FS alumni team: Christian Hofäcker, Matthias Holfeld and Tobias Tombrink, Frankfurter Sparkasse as well as Frankfurter Volksbank. You can also support a Deutschlandstipendium.

Application deadline for the Deutschlandstipendium is July 19, 2019.

Frankfurt School says “Thank you” to all sponsors.