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Frankfurt am Main, 16.08.2019 12:00:00

A posh villa in the north of Wiesbaden. Three floors, lots of young people, phones are ringing – in the middle of it all – Sebastian Merkhoffer, CEO and founder of Fitvia, a class of 2012 Bachelor of Science graduate from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Four years ago he started his own business – inspired by a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The result is Fitvia, a company which offers healthy tea in a variety of flavours. 

Investment by Dermapharm: Big opportunity for product development

Now, along with tea, the start-up also offers cereals, snacks as well as supplements. Fitiva aims to further expand its portfolio with the help of Dermapham who have purchased 70 percent of the start-up’s shares.

“Working together with Dermapharm, a leading and listed company, gives us the opportunity to develop new products. However, we will remain an independent enterprise”, says Sebastian Merkhoffer.

For marketing purposes, Fitvia works together with influencers. “We are one of the first start-ups in Germany who have integrated influencers in our marketing strategy in order to reach customers. Today, even our product development benefits from it. We can easily find out what kind of flavours our customers want to have”, explains the 30-year-old