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Frankfurt am Main, 05.02.2019 12:00:00

On Tuesday, January 29, 2019, Frankfurt School hosted its annual New Year´s Dinner. More than 160 guests from politics, economy, civil society and the business school attended the event. Frankfurt School president Professor Dr Nils Stieglitz greeted the audience: “The digital transformation is the talk of the town. Especially in Germany, the topic is often connected with fears. This is a mistake in politics, universities and in society. We have to deal very serisously with the digitalisation. It already has a deep impact, including on our business school“, said Professor Stieglitz.


Professor Dr Nils Stieglitz welcomed the guests

More and more, Frankfurt School evolves into a place for exchange, Frankfurt School´s president continued, a place to build communities. When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, Frankfurt School not only offers an academic programme, a lab and a think tank, but also a space to physically meet, to exchange ideas, and collaborate in a world that increasingly is shaped by virtual reality.

The creation of networks and communities depends on the collaboration with friends and sponsors. Professor Stieglitz thanked the audience for the support.


Professor Dr h.c. Klaus-Peter Müller, honorary chairman of Frankfurt School´s board of trustees, also talked to the guests. “This past year many things happened at Frankfurt School. Professor Stieglitz, through a number of changes, took action to set the stage for the future of the business school. Part of this is the newly opened AI lab, a place to experiment, for trial and error in the realm of digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence.“

Philip Burchard, CEO of Merz Pharma referred to the importance of the partnership of both insitutions in his dinner speech. He also spoke about the long history of the pharmaceutical company.