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Frankfurt am Main, 17.06.2019 12:00:00

“Women are well organised and efficient. However, you have to believe in them – then they have a positive impact on any team in the working world”, explains Sabine Schoon, Director Corporate Strategy & Consulting at Comdirect Bank AG, who graduated with a master degree from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in 2007.  Nevertheless, despite having better school and university degrees women are still underrepresented in leading management positions – especially in finance.

In order to educate women on financial matters, together with other Comdirect employees, Sabine Schoon has founded Finanzheldinnen – female finance heroes. “Although they are highly educated, many women are still reserved when it comes to finance. I think this is a pity. Hence, we have founded the initiative”, emphasises Sabine Schoon.

Sabine Schoon advises young women, who are interested in starting a career in the financial industry, to get as much experience as possible. In order to gain knowledge, they should do internships and get in touch with professionals.

The initiative offers an app, a magazine, a podcast as well as free after work events. In addition to Comdirect employees various consultants and bloggers support Finanzheldinnen.