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Frankfurt am Main, 08.03.2019 12:00:00

The smell of carrot halva, French crêpes, Argentinian empanadas and a lot of other specialties was in the air at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management´s International Day last Tuesday. Students from 15 countries including Argentina, Australia, Brasil, China, France, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Switzerland, Serbia, Spain and Taiwan prepared food and drinks for the guests.

“The event shows that there are many students from different countries at Frankfurt School, which is really great. Furthermore, I learn new things about various cultures and get in touch with new people at the International Day”, says Léa Bogey, a Bachelor of Science student in Business Administration, who comes from France.


Together with two fellow students from France she prepared crépes and croissants. In addition, their booth was decorated with little footballs showing that they come from the land of the current football world champion.


Santos Allende, Bachelor student from Argentina, studying at Frankfurt School for one semester, prepared Empanadas with chicken and beef for the International Day. “The international Day shows how many people from all over the world study at our business school. Also, Frankfurt as a city represents this internationality. This is the reason why I chose Frankfurt for my semester abroad”, explains Santos Allende.

Vote: This year´s most delicious food comes from India

A survey gave all the guests of the International Day the possibility to vote for the best food, the best decoration as well as the most authentic outfit. The result: The most delicious food was prepared by India. Argentina and Spain had the most sophisticated decoration and the students from China wore the most authentic clothes.