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Frankfurt am Main, 16.05.2019 12:00:00

In April, Master students of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management participated in two offsite events to expand their knowledge base and hear from experts in their respective fields.

From April 10 to 12 the current intake of the Master of Finance programme traveled to Luxembourg for an International Finance Offsite, as part of the Responsible Management in Finance module. At the Offsite the students connected with their peers through various team building exercises and gained insights into another important European finance hub. Frankfurt School’s Advisory Board Member and Head of the European Investments Bank’s Civil Society Division, Professor Dr Hakan Lucius, gave a lecture on sustainability in finance. The students also visited the European Investment Bank, the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology and the Bitburger Brewery, where they learned about the financial and sustainable aspects of the respective business’ operations.

On the last weekend in April, all Master in Management students traveled to Brussels for a three-day Offsite within the Leadership module, centering on Deception, Fake News and Leadership. During the Offsite, the students heard lectures by Professor Dr Claus Rerup, Professor in Management at Frankfurt School and Professor Dr Ike Picone, Professor in Media and Management at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Further, the students attended a presentation at the European Commission and took part in a Leadership Workshop, which gave them the chance to learn more about being a great leader and follower alike.