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Frankfurt, 29.10.2019 12:00:00

Digitalization is changing all our areas of work and life in a sustainable way. Working models that are independent of time and place are bringing about a profound change in the way companies generate added value. The shortage of skilled workers requires cooperation across departments and countries. But current trends such as New Work with greater employee responsibility, meaningful tasks, flexibility and value-based management models are also leading to fundamental changes in the organizational structures of companies. Increasingly, employees are working in networks and projects rather than in hierarchies. Such new forms of cooperation make professional project management more and more important.

Today, the 16 participants of the fully booked certificate course "Certified Project Manager" at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management are tackling these challenges. Using practical examples, the participants will develop the methods and procedures of project management directly in model projects. Effective and target-aimed teamwork, communication strategies and solution-oriented conflict resolution as essential factors for project success are taught in a practical way. In case studies, the participants of the certificate course learn to manage complex projects from their daily work with latest tools and to lead international project teams. Thus, they are well prepared for the constantly changing circumstances of today's volatile working world and can proactively tackle these challenges.


Participants of the certificate course "Certified Project Manager"