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Choose your concentration

Deciding what and where to study for your first degree is a difficult decision. With it, you set the course for your career.

The Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Business Administration at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is a programme that helps you get started with your career. Over the course of seven semesters (3.5 years), you will learn essential skills and competencies to manage and lead an organisation. You can choose one of eight concentrations, which vary by focus, time model, and language of instruction.

Why did our students choose FS?

Preparatory Course in Mathematics

Quantitative analysis is a core component of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Frankfurt School. Even during the first two semesters students are introduced to advanced topics in the modules "Mathematics" and "Stochastics". This assumes a good understanding and advanced level knowledge of mathematics, as well as mastery of elementary mathematical concepts and calculation techniques. Practice shows that there may be significant gaps between school mathematics and the demands of the module. This is the starting point for the preparatory course in mathematics. In a compact form, elementary and some fundamental concepts and techniques of applied (business) mathematics and stochastics are provided, refreshed and practised. The topics covered in the preparatory course include:

  • Quantities and volume operations
  • Numbers and basics of calculation: powers, roots and logarithms; amount, maximum and minimum
  • Basic concepts of combinatorics; faculties and binomial coefficients
  • Calculating with sigma signs and product signs; frequently used total formulas
  • Term conversions; solving selected equations and inequalities
  • Functions of a real variable

A basic understanding of the topics covered in the preparatory course is the basis for successful participation in the modules “Mathematics” and “Stochastics”.

Duration and date: 4 days (20. - 23.08.2018)
Location: Frankfurt
Language:    German or English
Lead by: Dr. Andreas Görg
Costs: 395 €

The preparatory course in mathematics is open to all students who have an admission to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Frankfurt School for the start of the 2018 study programme and have already concluded a study contract.

Registration is now possible. Available places are limited.* The fee is payable upon registration.

* We reserve the right not to hold the preparatory course in the event of low demand


Basic Study Phase

The course of study extends over three or four semesters. Here you lay the foundation with a set curriculum composed of common core modules and several specialised modules which are determined by your concentration.

Semester Abroad

All BSc students at Frankfurt School spend at least one semester abroad which includes an internship.

Advanced Study Phase

During these two semesters, you can choose modules from a broad range of topics to suit your interests. We offer approximately 45 modules in the areas of Finance and Banking, Managing Organisations, Economics, and Business and Society. Some concentrations also have advanced specialisation modules in semesters 6 and 7.


As the final part of your studies, you will write a research paper, the Bachelor Thesis, usually during the last semester.