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Gain experience at KPMG

In order to keep up with dynamic global affairs, auditing and consulting techniques need to be combined to achieve the best results. In our modern world, reliable and high-quality leaders are important for maintaining investor confidence. Please be aware that this concentration is only available to applicants choosing our German Core Track!

Through this concentration you will gain professional work experience at KPMG – one of the Big Four accounting firms worldwide located in Frankfurt. As a part of the KPMG team, you will get a thorough look at some of KPMG’s clients and develop an understanding for auditing and consulting. Learn how to analyse complex financial information by gaining an in-depth insight of organisations and how they function. Furthermore, discover how to advise and guide clients towards making smart strategic decisions and overcome challenges.

Frankfurt School is rated outstanding by Manager Magazin

Manager Magazin, in cooperation with Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung mbH (WGMB), published on the 23rd of March 2020 its ranking of "Germany's best auditors". Frankfurt School ranked first place in the category "Germany's best universities for auditors" and is the only university to receive an "outstanding" rating. For further information see here.

Time model

From the start of this concentration you will study in a specific Study Model called the "Block Model". This means that you will be switching between working and studying 6-8 weeks throughout you whole studies (i.e. three compulsory, with the possibility of an optional additional one too, paid internships at KPMG which usually take place during Winter). KPMG will also cover 25% of your tuition fees. During your first semester, KPMG offers you the opportunity to take place in an "Innovation Month" (optional) in November where you will take part in different projects.

Why specialise in Auditing and Consulting at FS?
  • Combine your studies with practical experience at one of the Big Four companies: KPMG!
  • Great opportunity for those interested in becoming an Auditor (Wirtschaftsprüfer)
  • Provides the perfect combination of Consulting and Auditing, giving you professional knowledge on both topics
Ideal Candidate

This concentration is for those who would like to work at a dynamic and fast growing international company and study towards being an Auditor or Consultant.


Once you have submitted your application, have selected Auditing and Consulting as your first choice as a concentration and have received admission to our programme, we will automatically forward your application to KPMG. If your application is successful then KPMG will invite you for an interview. Please be aware that Auditing and Consulting is only available to applicants who have chosen our German Core Track and that this programme is only possible to study in cooperation with KPMG. In the case that KPMG rejects your application, your offer to study at Frankfurt School will still be valid but you will be required to choose an alternative concentration.


**These modules are only available in our Auditing & Consulting concentration and can not be combined with other concentrations


Tuition fee

Enrolment fee:

100,00 Euro

Fee per semester*: 5.213,00 Euro
Total tuition fee (excl. tuition fee for semester abroad): 31.278,00 Euro
Monthly installments possible.

*The tuition fee for the semester abroad may differ depending on your chosen partner institution

For information regarding financing and scholarships, please see here.