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Become an expert in Marketing Management

Marketing is often said to be the core of a business. Branding, especially online, is becoming increasingly important for companies. Gain hands-on experience and learn how some of the world’s leading companies manage and develop their brands. Discover how to develop a brand strategy and how to conduct market research by building on your creative, communicative and analytical skills. Our marketing concentration will open doors to various career paths and opportunities in diverse industries.

Why specialise in Marketing at FS?
  • Gain the opportunity to specialise in various Marketing areas (e.g. Advertising, Product Development, Digital Media, Merchandising, Market Research, Sales)
  • Learn how to manage a brand
  • Marketeers will always be in demand; it is a vital component of every business.
Ideal Candidate

This concentration is for students who wish to pursue a career in Marketing or Sales and work on their analytical and creative skills throughout their studies.


Careers in Marketing

Tuition Fee

Enrolment fee: 100,00 Euro
Fee per semester*: 6.950,00 Euro
Total tuition fee (excl. tuition fee for semester abroad): 41.800,00 Euro
Monthly installments possible.

*The tuition fee for the semester abroad may differ depending on your chosen partner institution

For information regarding financing and scholarships, please see here.