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The Entrepreneurship module gives you the opportunity to generate innovative business ideas, test the viability of a business opportunity, and acquire the right mindset needed to make critical decisions in the context of high-risk startups. 

Through hands-on workshops and in-class exercises, experts from Frankfurt School and the partner company TechQuartier will give you access to digital learning materials and resources. Academic and Industry experts from the startup world will guide you and you will be able to attend relevant events to further develop your network.

How can you apply?

All students from one of our Master programmes in Finance, Management or Applied Data Science are able to choose to substitute their Semester 4 electives or study abroad with the Entrepreneurship module. There are no prerequisite modules required.

You should have a clear objective to generate a viable business idea, or develop an existing idea into a start-up project or launch a company by the end of the programme. Interested students will be required to fill out a questionnaire demonstrating their motivation.

What will you be learning?

The theoretical and practical sessions, mentorship, and networking events will take place in Semester 4 (from January to May), both at the premises of Frankfurt School and at the partner company. During the Entrepreneurship module you will be accompanied by experts of the field and specialised professors and lecturers. All sessions were developed to include the following topics: 

  1. General Entrepreneurship Concepts and Events
  2. Product Development & Business Modelling
  3. Organisational Growth and Venture Building

Start-up world at Frankfurt School

Frankfurt School is well established as a leading institution in the constantly changing business market, as more and more graduates found start-ups or join promising entrepreneurial initiatives. As a student you receive direct access to a range of different opportunities in relation to these topics such as events, workshops and collaboration centres.

Entrepreneurship Centre

Our mission is to inspire, connect and provide training within Frankfurt School as well as to external stakeholders such as investors, alumni, founders and partners. You can choose to take part in our Incubator for year round guidance or boost your project by taking part in the Accelerator. 

Group of people involved in the Entrepreneurship Center sat on couch

Start-up Night

Frankfut School Start-up Night, launched in 2017, enables Frankfurt School students to connect with founders and members of the start-up scene. 50 Startups and 400 guests attended the last start-up night to mingle, exchange ideas and grow together.

startup night participants interacting

Entrepreneurship Day

Frankfurt School aims to inspire young students to turn their ideas into reality. Frankfurt School Entrepreneurship Day took place for the first time in 2020 and has become an annual event during which creativity and Entrepreneurial-thinking lead the show. Students are able to gain insightful knowledge from young entrepreneurs through lectures and workshops.

startup night speaker