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Languages play an important part in all academic programmes (B.Sc and M.Sc.) at the Frankfurt School. The aim of language courses at the Frankfurt School is to provide students with effective communication skills, both for their further academic career as well as to prepare them for work in an international and intercultural context.

The Programme

The language programme consists of courses in English and other languages, both compulsory and elective. Language courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (Council of Europe, 2001), using the level descriptions for placement and assessment purposes and the communicative approach for content and methods. The focus in language courses is not on theoretical grammatical knowledge but on communicative skills, for use both in academic and business contexts. The methods and materials used reflect this approach and active participation is expected and required of all students. Progress is fast, so that with the necessary self-study, a high communicative level can be reached in a short time. The forms of assessment take the variety of skills required for effective communication into account.


In all languages at advanced levels, training in

  • presentation skills,
  • academic writing,
  • and intercultural communication
  • as well as the communicative skills necessary for conducting and taking part in meetings and negotiations is provided.

Learning takes place using up-to-date published material designed in many cases specifically for students of business. Material designed and written especially for the Frankfurt School is also used.


All language courses use the latest teaching methods as well as a range of modern media and are taught by qualified, experienced native or near-native speakers of the languages concerned. 

Languages offered in B.Sc. programmes
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • German as a Foreign Language