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In research and teaching, the Department of Philosophy & Law addresses normative and descriptive issues related to the nature of normative orders. It does so “de lege lata” and “de lege ferenda”. The legal scholars and philosophers of the department have a strong focus on economics.

They are actively involved in the Bachelor and Master degree programmes of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. According to individual expertise they offer courses in law, business ethics and philosophy of science.

Head of Department


Faculty Members

Affiliated Faculty


In the following, we present selected publications by the faculty in our Philosophy & Law Department, that have been published in prestigious journals since 2009 or have been accepted for publication.

Representative Publications

Tiefensee, C., 2014. Expressivism, anti-Archimedeanism and Supervenience, Res Publica (20) S. 163-181.

Ahlert, M., Kliemt, H., 2013. Problems of priority change in kidney allocation and beyond, European Journal of Health Economics Vol. 14(3), S. 383-390.

Kneip, V., 2013. Politische Verantwortung in der Marktwirtschaft: zur Übertragung von Citizenship-Konzepten auf Konsumenten und Unternehmen, Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensethik Jg. 14(1), S. 62-85.

Lahno, B., 2013. Can the Social Contract Be Signed by an Invisible Hand?: A New Debate on an Old Question, Rationality, Markets and Morals Vol. 4, S. 39-43.

Kneip, V., 2013. Protest campaigns and corporations: cooperative conflicts?, Journal of Business Ethics Vol. 118(1), S. 189-202.

Kneip, V., 2012. Consumer Citizenship: Soft Governance in Political Market Arenas, Krisis - Journal for contemporary philosophy (1) S. 20-31.

Kliemt, H., 2012. The consents of The Calculus, Public Choice Vol. 152(3-4), S. 439-443.

Kliemt, H., 2011. Tayloring Game Theory the Ostrom Way, Good Society Vol. 20(1), S. 37-49.

Kliemt, H., 2011. Bukantianism: Buchanan's philosophical economics, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization Vol. 80(2), S. 275-279.

Kneip, V., 2011. Consumer Citizenship und Corporate Citizenship: Bürgerschaft in politischen Marktarenen?, Politische Vierteljahresschrift Jg. 52(3), S. 475-503.

Kneip, V., 2011. Normsetzung in politischen Marktarenen: (sub-)politische Steuerung durch öffentliche Aushandlungsprozesse, Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensethik Jg. 12(1), S. 48-70.

Kneip, V., Niesyto, J., 2010, Zum Wandel von Medien- und Protestkulturen: Anti-Corporate Campaigns im internationalen Vergleich, in: Unternehmenskritische Kampagnen, 1. Aufl., Wiesbaden: VS, Verl. für Sozialwiss., S. 367-388.

Güth, W., Kliemt, H., 2010. (Un)Bounded Rationality in Decision Making and Game Theory - Back to Square One?, Games Vol. 1(1), S. 53-65.

Güth, W., Kliemt, H., 2010. Comments on Vernon Smith's - "Theory and Experiment: What are the Questions?", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization Vol. 73(1), S. 44-48.

Brennan, G., Hamlin, A., Kliemt, H., 2010. PPE: an appraisal, Politics, Philosophy and Economics Vol. 9(4), S. 363-365.

Kliemt, H., 2010. The PPE enterprise: Common Hobbesian roots and perspectives, Politics, Philosophy and Economics Vol. 9(4), S. 398-410.

Güth, W., Kliemt, H., 2010. What ethics can learn from experimental economics - if anything, European Journal of Political Economy Vol. 26(3), S. 302-310.

Lahno, B., 2009. Norms as Reasons for Action, Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie Bd. 95(4), S. 563-578.

Lahno, B., 2009. Verantwortlich handeln, Zeitschrift für Management Jg. 4(1), S. 75-94.

The following events regularly take place in the Department Philosophy & Law: