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Assistant Professor of Strategy

Personal Details

Gianluigi Giustiziero has been an Assistant Professor of Strategy at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management since September 2018. Before joining the Frankfurt School, he was an Assistant Professor at SKEMA Business School. Gianluigi received his Ph.D. in Strategy at the University of Michigan. Inspired by the classical work of Adam Smith and George Stigler, Gianluigi studies the impact of resource attributes and demand characteristics on the division of labor within and across firms. At the time of their writing Adam Smith drew insights from butchers, bakers and brewers in the Highlands of Scotland in 1776, and George Stigler from the Lancashire textile industry in 1951; nowadays the productive system in developed economies is mainly devoted to the tertiary sector and quaternary sectors. Moving with the times, Gianluigi applies and extends the classic theories to service and high-tech industries.


Working papers


Title Programme Semester
Theories of the Firm PhD Summer