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Certified Project Manager - confident project success through practical case studies

Certificate Programme


With the certification course “Certified Project Manager”, you acquire a solid foundation for your professional advancement through efficient project management. The special feature of this qualification is that you gain hands-on experience with the help of practical project examples. 

Apply Project Management

The focus of the online certificate is not on theoretical aspects, but rather on developing solutions for specific case studies. A short introduction ensures a uniform level of knowledge about the basics and methods of modern project management. Subsequently, project examples and the application of relevant soft skills, such as the sovereign mastering of tasks as a team, come to the fore.

Due to the open design of the program, you as a participant are the focus of attention and can address your individual use cases and specifically advance your career.

Your advantages

-    Practice-oriented learning
-    Selection of different case studies (from industry and finance)
-    Direct contact to the organizational contact persons and other participants 
-    Experienced trainer with practical knowledge
-    Recognized certificate after passing the exam

The Frankfurt School offers this training in cooperation with TIBA Managementberatung GmbH.

Programme Structure

The Project Manager certificate is divided into three modules with a total of eight seminar days and covers a period of three months. The 4-hour introduction takes place as a web-based training (WBT) at the beginning of the program. All seminar days will be hold online. 

Basics, Methods and Organisation of modern Project Management - Module 1

Projects are subject to a wide variety of influences. As a project manager you have to juggle many balls. In this 3-day seminar you will learn the basics of modern project management by means of concrete examples from practice. You will get to know the methods with which you can lead projects to the desired success within the planned cost period.

Further information on the seminar Basics, Methods and Organisation of modern Project Management

The Project Manager: Project Monitoring, Communication and Conflict Resolution - Module 2

Will the milestones be reached? What are the critical factors? Which problems have to be solved in which order? These are typical project management questions you will deal with intensively on this 3-day seminar using selected practical examples.

Another focus is on the "soft" skills in process management. Often, it is not the "hard" facts causing projects to fail. Rather, it is important in all projects that everyone involved pulls together – and in the same direction. Communication strategies and solution-oriented conflict resolution are essential for successful teamwork. In this seminar, you will learn methods and leadership knowledge with which you can confidently master the demands on the management of teamwork – and manage your projects significantly better.

Further information on the seminar The Project Manager: Project Monitoring, Communication and Conflict Resolution

Project Praxis: Realistic Experience in Project Management by means of a Case Study - Module 3

In the third module of the training “Certified Project Manager”, you will get to know project practice through a comprehensive case study. You can choose whether you want to examine a case study from the Banking & Finance field or choose a topic that is not industry-specific.

  • The seminar "Case Study in Banking & Finance" is aimed primarily at participants from the core business of credit institutions and the financial sector.
  • The participants of the non-industry-specific case study seminar, for example, often come from IT project management or trade/industry.

Further information on the seminar Project Praxis: Realistic Experience in Project Management by means of a Case Study (Banking & Finance)

Further information on the seminar Project Praxis: Realistic Experience in Project Management by means of a Case Study (Non-Finance).

Key Facts


Certified Project Manager Banking & Finance (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)

Certified Project Manager (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)

Target Group

Project staff, (future) project managers, and individuals in related functions

In-house events for groups from companies are also possible on other dates. Feel free to contact us - we will prepare a tailor-made offer for you.


3 month (3 modules; 8 days)


Total fee: EUR 5,900, including the web-based training fee (EUR 100), registration fee (EUR 100) and examination fee (EUR 450).

Course fees are exempt from VAT.

Alumnis receive a discount of 20%. 


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