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The Frankfurt Institute for Private Equity and M&A was founded in 2008 at Frankfurt School to provide a forum to promote networking, research and education in the areas of private equity and mergers & acquisitions. Since 2020 the Institute’s mission has broadened to encompass equity financing more generally.  
Fipema builds on Frankfurt School’s world-class faculty in order to generate insights from the connection between practice and theory. Our expertise feeds into executive education offerings as well as degree programmes with a focus on equity financing and M&A.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalast                    


Prof. Dr. Michael H. Grote



Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalast is the editor of M&A Review, a leading German journal on M&A trends and transactions, and the official publication outlet of the Bundesverband Mergers & Acquisitions e.V. (, the German Association of M&A professionals.


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20. Nov 2020

Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalast commented on the acquisition of ISS by Deutsche Börse "Expansion in der Krise", fittingly in the Börsenzeitung (link to BZ here - in German, paywall). 

17. Nov 2020

Frankfurt School’s Non-Performing Loans - NPL Forum 2020 will start next week. Due to the latest Corona developments, it will take place as an online event only. It is the 15th anniversary of the forum, which is a must-see (and, in other times, must-be-there) event for the industry. The first keynote will be delivered by State Sec­re­tary Dr. Jörg Kukies. We are looking forward to his and many other super-interesting presentations and discussions! 

27. Okt 2020

The countdown is running: Only a couple of days left until the 15th intake of the Master M&A of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management starts. Welcome Class 2022! The first week will be exhausting, but also varied and exciting. Michael Drill, CEO at Lincoln International will explain the changes in the private equity market during Covid-19, a preview of which was given at the Frankfurt School Verlag M&A 2020 conference. Jasmin Koelbl-Vogt, CEO of Citigroup, will present current developments in corporate governance and the regulatory framework for transactions in the financial sector. In this area we will certainly see some deals in the coming months. Other topics include company valuation with Dr. Anke Nestler, Dr. Marc Umber and Wolfgang Kniest, deal flow with Ralf A. Dr. Pampel and Team, Bankhaus Metzler and M&A communication with Alex Seiler of HERING SCHUPPENER. The increasingly important topic of data protection in transactions is dealt with by Dr. Ole Schröder, Parliamentary State Secretary (retired).

Of course, anyone who has now developed an appetite for a part-time M&A Master's degree is welcome to contact us at any time. 

20. Okt 2020

Daniel Schex, an FS student in the Master of Finance, blogs on his experiences in private equity at the multi family office Harald Quandt Industriebeteiligungen (HQIB) here (in German). 

14. Okt 2020

Prof. Dr. Zacharias Sautner talks with CNBC about trends in ESG investing. Link here

6. Okt 2020

Finn Jankowiak, a Frankfurt School student, writes about his internship at the Berlin-based M&A fintech boutique Carl. Please find the blog entry here (in German).

29. Sep 2020

The M&A and Private Equity Conference 2020 saw, among many other highlights, an interesting panel discussion on Covid-19 as a game changer for M&A, moderated by Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalast. Michael Drill of Lincoln International sees some signs for stabilization of the market: liquidity is here, auctions work and multiples are not down, at least in the mid-cap segment. Lukas Stepanek of Ardian Private Debt points to interesting options, but advises caution for risky deals. A growing number of non-performing loans will become visible in banks' balance sheets early next year, reckons Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schwetzler of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. 

24. Sep 2020

Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalast comments the Hensoldt IPO in the Süddeutsche Zeitung (in German)

17. Sep 2020

Prof. Dr. Michael Grote talks about the state as a shareholder in HR2 - Der Tag (German)

26. Aug 2020

Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalast writes about IPOs in times of Corona (in German) in the M&A Review

25. Aug 2020

FS Prof. Dr. Laurence van Lent has developed a new way of measuring political risk and its effects on firms

29. July 2020

Prof. Dr. Michael Grote talks about responsibilities in the Wirecard case in Deutsche Welle’s “Der Tag”. (German)

20. July 2020

Prof. Dr. Sascha Steffen, Professor of Finance at Frankfurt School, writes about the possibility of a credit crunch.

5. July 2020

Karin Reuschenbach-Coutinho, FS’ head of Career Center talks with Business Insider about jobs in Investment Banking and the Corona crisis. (German)

2. July 2020

Prof. Dr. Michael H. Grote talks at an alumni event about the development of the DAX vs. COVID-19. (German)

30. June 2020

Prof. Dr. Michael Grote speaks on Bayern 2’s radio talk show on “Investing after Wirecard”. (German).

29. June 2020

The Economist ranks Frankfurt School’s Executive MBA Programme in the top 50 globally.

2. June 2020

Prof. Dr. Julia Redenius-Hövermann, Professor of Corporate Law at FS together with Prof. Dr. Christina E. Bannier, Professor of Banking & Finance at Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen, assess the legal structures for virtual annual meetings.
The article (in German) can be downloaded here.
A short version appeared in the FAZ, available here .

29. May 2020

Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalast comments on n-tv on JDE Peet’s IPO. (German)

28. May 2020

Dr. Andreas Walter, Lecturer at FS and partner of Schalast & Partner, assesses the new European restructuring guidelines in a video. (German)

22. May 2020

Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalast talks about changes in the M&A market due to the Corona crisis in a video. (German)

18. May 2020

Menno Branger, a Master of Finance student at Frankfurt School, writes about his internship as a private equity analyst at

11. May 2020

The Financial Times ranks Frankfurt School’s Executive Education in the top 50 globally.

20. March 2020

Manager-Magazin ranks Frankfurt School the #1 university for auditors in Germany.

4. March 2020

Frank Rechtern, Lecturer at Frankfurt School, writes about the art of financial modelling and Frankfurt School’s respective offer. (German)

27. Jan 2020

FS Alumnus Chris Bartz, CEO and co-founder of Elinvar, gives a talk at FS. He is an advocate for the benefits of  digitalization and a strong ecosystem for fintech and digital banking. Chris Bartz is Chairman of the FinTechRat of the Federal Ministry of Finance.
The talk will be on Tuesday, 18. February 2020, 06:30 pm. More information.

23. Jan 2020

Frankfurt School welcomed around 200 invited guests from the worlds of politics, business and civic society to the business school’s annual New Year’s Dinner.

Education & Events

Frankfurt School is ranked by the Financial Times’ 2020 among the top 50 executive education providers globally. The School offers courses on M&A, financial modelling and corporate finance.

M&A Professional – Zertifikatsstudiengang

The course runs ca. six weeks with five days on campus on the foundations of M&A. (German)

Online training: Mergers and Acquisitions

A short (~10h) introductory online format which gives you a comprehensive overview of the steps in an M&A process using case studies.

Financial Modeling with Excel – program your own financial model

The course runs roughly half a year with four days on campus and turns you into an expert modeler. (German)

Corporate Finance – financial management in firms

The course runs roughly half a year with eight days on campus and covers all the important aspects of financing and investment decisions in firms. (German)


Under the direction of Christoph Schalast, director of Fipema, Frankfurt School hosts two major annual conferences that each year attract several hundred industry specialists:

The NPL - Non-Performing Loans Forum focuses on credit and risk management, financial stability and industry trends. It is organized in co-operation with the Bundesvereinigung Kreditankauf und Servicing e. V. (BKS), the main industry association. The 15. annual conference takes place on November 25, 2020 in an online format. The main language is German.

The M&A and Private Equity conference covers market trends, corporate development and advancements in transaction processes. The 14. annual conference took place on September 29, 2020 in a hybrid (online and presence) format. The main language was German.

We are looking forward to the M&A and Private Equity conference 2021! 


Frankfurt School is accredited by the three largest and most influential business school accreditation organizations, AACSB, EQUIS - EFMD, and AMBA. This “triple crown” accreditation is held by only 100 business schools - i.e., less than 1% of all business schools world-wide.

Frankfurt School runs three programmes with emphasis on corporate finance and faculty who are also part of Fipema’s team.

Master of Mergers & Acquisitions (LL.M.)

This programme is specifically designed for ambitious young professionals, who want to accelerate their career in M&A while staying fully employed. The curriculum is oriented on the M&A process and puts a strong focus on the legal aspects. The course runs four semesters and ends with a Master of Laws  (LL.M.) degree. Course language is German (mostly).

Master in Corporate Performance & Restructuring

This programme, too, allows young professionals to stay fully employed. In order to become a master in changing corporations, the curriculum covers Performance Measurement, Value  Improvement, Change- und Turnaround  Management, Strategy and Restructuring,  amongst others. Course language is German (mostly).

Master of Finance

This is Frankfurt School’s flagship programme. It requires only a first university degree; its flexible programme structure allows part-time employment. With a focus on valuation methods, M&A,  investment banking and financial intermediation, the corporate finance concentration prepares students for handling the interaction between financial markets and corporates.

Job Market

Fipema provides a job market for internships and graduate jobs related to corporate finance, consulting and (occasionally) business law. This could be of interest for students and graduates with a finance and a legal studies background, respectively.
(Frankfurt School students have access to FS jobteaser that covers other industries, too.)

The service is free. To place an ad here, please contact

The description indicates whether a financial, economics, accounting or similar background is required (FIN), or a background in legal studies (LAW). An internship is indicated with (INT), and a graduate job with (GRAD).





DBR-Holding, the Deutsche Betriebsrenten Holding, is a startup specialized on taking over pension liabilities of large firms in Germany. They are looking for a working student in Frankfurt.  



LGT Capital Partners, a leading alternative investment specialist, is looking for a six-month Intern in their Private Debt Investment Team in Frankfurt. 



Proventis, a mid-market M&A advisor, is looking for an intern for summer 2021 in their Hamburg office.  



Blackrock is looking for tech-savvy students for the summer-analyst program in their Aladdin Client Services team in London or Edinburgh.  



One Square Advisors, a financial restructuring advisory, is looking for interns in their Munich and Frankfurt offices.  



PwC legal is looking for law graduates in company law for their M&A units in Germany, and also for law graduates in public commercial law, again for their M&A units. 



Perella Weinberg Partners, a legendary advisor, is looking for off-cycle interns (6 months, starting January 2021) and for summer interns, both in their Munich office. 



Hauck & Aufhäuser, a private bank, is looking for interns in their Alternative Investments / Private Equity practice for their Munich office. 



mayerhöfer & co, a well-known corporate finance boutique in Frankfurt, is looking for interns.



Markus Partners, a boutique M&A advisory in Frankfurt, is looking for graduates and interns



Avedon Capital Partners, a private equity firm in Düsseldorf, is looking for interns.



Montis, an M&A boutique in Frankfurt, is looking for interns.



Coch&Cie in Frankfurt, a corporate finance consultancy, is looking for interns.



Sigma Corporate Finance is looking for Associates and Analysts in Frankfurt, and offers internships, too.



Lazard offers internships in M&A in Frankfurt.



Moelis is looking for interns in their M&A practice in Frankfurt.



Rothschild in Frankfurt seeks interns for their wealth management unit.



FCM Frédéric Capital Management, a private equity investor in Düsseldorf, seeks interns



Union Investment Real Estate in Frankfurt is looking for interns for their hotel / hospitality investment devision. 



HKCF, a corporate finance advisory in Cologne, seeks interns



Deloitte, seeks graduates in Germany in audit and assurance. And interns, too.



Victoriapartners, an investment banking / M&A boutique in the real estate sector is looking for interns.



LPA, a quantitative consultancy, is looking for graduates in Frankfurt.



Taurus Advisory in Bad Soden near Frankfurt is looking for interns.



Deutsche Cleantech, a corporate finance consultancy in Frankfurt, is looking for interns.



Allert & Co in Mannheim, a corporate finance boutique, is looking for interns.



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Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalast

M&A, Business Law and European Law

Prof. Dr. Michael H. Grote

Corporate Finance, M&A

Prof. Dr. Markus Fitza

Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Prof. Dr. Ronald Gleich

Management Practice & Control

Simon Hirst

M&A Practice 

Prof. Dr. Julia Redenius-Hövermann

Civil and Company Law

Prof. Dr. Stevo Pavicevic

Strategy and M&A

Dr. Marc Umber

VC Practice | EnBW New Ventures