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Investigative Interviewing



  • Psychological aspects of investigation and case assessment
  • Analysis and assessment of behaviour in a corporate context
  • Behavioural strategies- and techniques of interviewing
  • Construction of an interview plan and interview preparation


The participants learn how to structure the analysis, assessment and/or investigation of a complex case in a corporate environment. They get to know the psychology of investigation: risks and pitfalls of investigation.

They understand why it is relevant to focus on the assessment of behaviour in a corporate context, eg. social desirable behaviour, manipulation and deceit and how emotional and personality factors influence human behaviour.

After the training the participants can translate personal and cultural information to an interview strategy and write a practical interview plan. They know how to perform a ‘state of the art’ interview and learn to be sensitive to personal derailing tendencies.

Moreover they learn how to enhance personal competencies when dealing with demanding behaviour in complex interviews


Professionals with the following positions: compliance officers, security and corporate safety specialists, corporate investigators, forensic auditors, HR-managers, business management experts.

Because the training is interactive of nature, it will be of added value to those who in their daily work are confronted with complex personal contacts, interactions and/or demanding interviews.

The training is a follow-up learning event for those who have completed the ECCP training. Those who have not attended the ECCP will have to prepare a set of reading material which they will receive prior to the classroom sessions.


The training will be practical and interactive of nature, including active case analysis, participating in group discussions, presenting findings of assessments and performing role plays. There will also be short theoretical presentations which will add to the existing knowledge of the participants


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