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Studying an online course has many advantages. But there is one particular disadvantage that many participants suffer from: usually you always learn alone, without face-to-face contact with peers, lecturers, or support team. We are trying to soften this weakness at least a little bit in trying to meet our alumni whenever and wherever possible. The main opportunities are during conferences and business trips we do and after our final exams.

If you want to meet us as well as your peers, please regularly visit this page to check if for opportunities. And in case you pass by Frankfurt, please don’t hesitate to arrange a meeting with us.

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Stay tuned for our online training

Outside of the fixed course curricula we regularly offer open and free of charge online training on current trends, hot topics, but also neglected issues in development & sustainable finance. If you are interested in taking one of our e-learning courses,  some of the online trainings might be the perfect opportunity for you to get to know course lecturers.

Upcoming online trainings

Business Continuity Online Training Series Last Chance – What you can still do today to mitigate COVID-19

These are uncertain times. But with a fairly high-level degree of certainty, it is fair to claim that no one in our data-driven, globalized and increasingly affluent world, was well prepared for COVID 19.

At the Sustainable World Academy, we want you to be at least somewhat prepared for the future. Through our webinar series - participation is open for alumni, current and prospective participants, as well as our exclusive partners - we want to give you the opportunity to reflect, discuss and analyze the current chaos in a structured way, that is directly relevant for your business.

We are introducing a webinar series. Below you will find the information on the first three webinars.

More online trainings from Frankfurt School Alumni Services

Business Continuity Online Training Series - Last chance to mitigate COVID-19

Below, you will find the recordings from the previous online trainings. If you need more information, please reach out to us on e-campus@fs.de

Online Training

Date Recording Link
Assessing Risk to mitigate COVID-19 26th March 2020 Click here

Assessing Risk to mitigate COVID-19 (French)

27th March 2020 Click here
Learning from the previous crisis for MFIs 31st March 2020 Click here
Leadership in Crisis 7th April 2020 Click here
Learning from Previous crisis (French) 21st April 2020 Click here
Sustainable Finance in times of Corona - now more than ever! 29th April 2020 Click here
Impact Investing and SDGs 12th May 2020 Click here