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SME Finance Track

Inclusive Finance Summer Academy


The SME banking track is intended for professionals from financial institutions interested in developing a strong SME banking business. The focus will be on cash flow lending, credit risk assessment, financial analysis, relationship management and SME products and services. The importance of recent trends will be discussed including Women in business, Supply chain finance and significant changes in SME service delivery requirements. A theoretical understanding will be delivered and then deepened via the work on real case studies.

Target Group

Mid-management of financial institutions, Operational staff within financial institutions, Top management of financial institutions, Staff of regulators, policy makers, donors, Staff of SME associations, Consultants, students and other individuals interested in SME Finance

Course Details

  • Introduction to SME Finance
  • Understanding the SME Market
  • Screening SMEs
  • Improving sales Income
  • Women in business
  • Significant changes in SME service delivery requirements
  • Relationship management
  • Supply chain finance

Administrative Details

The tuition fee for the trainings is EUR 4,300 and it covers all training materials and full-board accommodation in single rooms for the duration of training including meals as well as transportation for site visits.

The Summer Academies are fully tuition based and not sponsored. Accordingly, participants have to cover the full costs of the training or find a sponsor.

15% early bird discount available.

Registrations opening soon.


Please note that we can offer the following discounts:

  • 15% Early Bird discount
  • 10% for each institution sending more than one participant to a Summer Academy
  • 10% discount for alumni


The Summer Academy will be held at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Being one of the leading business schools in Germany and Europe, Frankfurt School offers modern facilities for an interactive senior training program. Our training rooms are equipped with the newest technology and the newest media to provide flexibility and quality in our training courses. We have a strong focus on the wellbeing of our guests and course participants, a good training environment, air quality and modern equipment.


The language of instruction will be English and no translation will be provided.

Sustainable World Academy package

As a participant of our “Certified Expert in SME Finance” e-learning course, we offer you an exclusive 30% discount* for the SME Finance Track of our Inclusive Finance Summer Academy (July 2021). This brings down the aggregated tuition fee from 1300 EUR + 4300 EUR to 3920 EUR **  (Regular fee of both programmes) or 1100 EUR + 3655 EUR to 3328,5 EUR** (Early bird of both programmes)

*(including access to the e-learning course, training materials for the on campus training, full board, accommodation & local transportation ticket).