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The Master of Leadership in Sustainable Finance is a full online programme. Exceptionally, the module, Leadership and Change Management (6 ECTS) is offered both online OR on-campus in Frankfurt, in person. Known as the “Extended Winter Leadership Academy”, the module Leadership and Change Management can be taken as a two week residential programme in Frankfurt.

 External students and participants are also welcome to join.

The programme is split into two parts:

Part I, the first week, will be the general Frankfurt School Leadership Winter Academy, which is an open enrolment executive programme targeting sustainable finance professionals worldwide. Executives from around the world can exchange their experience based on similar backgrounds (click here for more information).

Part II is the extension week for students of the Master of Leadership in Sustainable Finance, as well as other students and other interested participants. In this week, lectures will only take place in the morning, while the afternoon is reserved for preparation of a final presentation/assignment.

Peer review: After the two weeks on-site, participants will write a paper and grade papers of their fellow participants in a peer review. Joining this peer review is mandatory in order to receive the 6 ECTS.

Target Group

Post-experience Master students, post-graduates and MBA students with relevant work experience (advanced level), professionals from the sustainable finance industry.

One-Week Leadership Winter Academy

If you prefer to visit the shorter one-week Leadership Winter Academy, please click on the link below (no ECTS credits can be earned):

The Programme*

Learning Objectives

The aim of this module is to familiarise students with the main theoretical and applied themes in leadership and change management. Using literature and case studies as background material, students have the chance to work in-depth on a topic and gain profound expertise in the field of leadership and change management.

Part 1: Regular Winter Academy

Be a leader – Walk the Talk
Create Value: Negotiation Tactics
Building and Leading Winning Teams
Charismatic and Transformational Leadership
Exercise Integrity: Moral and Authentic Leadership

More information on the first week here

Part 2: Extension Week (half-day classes)

Contingency Theories of Leadership
Participatory Leadership and Delegation
Leading Change
Strategic Leadership

* Subject to change

Administrative Details*

Tuition and accommodation expenses

The Extended Leadership Winter Academy costs EUR 6,300, including tuition fee, training materials, facilities, full-board, accommodation for 12 nights in a single room of a high-class hotel, and social activities.

The Extended Leadership Winter Academy is fully tuition based and not sponsored. Accordingly, participants have to cover the full costs of the training and/or find a sponsor for their participation.


Please note that we select applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. At the same time we try to form a group of participants with complementary experiences and backgrounds. The number of participants is limited. Therefore we recommend you to submit your application in a timely manner.


Please note that we can offer the following discount:

  • 10% for groups of 2 or more participants* 
  • Discount for Frankfurt School partner universities is available upon request

* successfully enrolled,


The Winter Leadership Academy will be held at the new Campus of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. The campus facilities offer a broad variety of seminar rooms including high-class training facilities. The brand new campus is situated in the center of Frankfurt am Main and offers an inspiring environment with excellent training facilities and internet access. Accommodation in single rooms will be arranged at a high-class hotel.


The language of instruction will be English and no translation will be provided.



* Subject to change


Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is one of Europe’s top ranked business schools. Unusually, for a business school, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management also offers boutique advisory services in the area of financial inclusion, sustainable and green finance.  Our unique pedagogic approach combines the best of both worlds: research and hands-on tools .

Practice orientation 

The Extended Leadership Winter Academy offers you a “safe space” in which you can experiment with your own leadership identity, and build you unique leadership style. Our faculty has extensive experience in controversial leadership situations, and assures that real-life dilemmas are analyzed using the intellectual tools the discipline of management science offers.

Participant-centred approach

We take participants’ experiences and needs seriously. Therefore, we carefully select the students  and participants to ensure high-level peer learning, and network opportunities,  

We also expect our participants to get actively involved. Our teaching approach includes the following elements : group work, discussion rounds, presentations, case studies and an evening programme. Additionally, the limited group size will ensure easy access to faculty and experts.

Mehr Weniger

We also expect our participants to get actively involved. Various platforms are prepared for the exchange of experiences and knowledge, no matter if inside or outside of the classroom: group work, discussion rounds, presentations, case studies and an evening programme. Additionally, the limited group size will ensure easy access to trainers and experts.


Our participants leave the session not only with new technical knowledge, but also with a new world-wide network of other practitioners from the financial inclusion / sustainable & green finance field.

Mehr Weniger

You can join and launch online communities on professional topics as well as personal interests and will be able to access training materials, exchange experiences and ideas and build or broaden your professional network.


Registrations opening soon.

Know your Lecturers*

Prof. Dr. Björn Michaelis

person in blue jacket

Dr. Björn Michaelis is a post-doc researcher and lecturer at the UBS-Endowed Professorship for Strategic Management at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. He is also the program director of China Development Bank’s Executive Education Program in Strategy, Innovation, and Leadership at Goethe Business School as well as a lecturer in the Master of Finance and Master of International Business programs at Frankfurt School. Before coming to Goethe University Frankfurt, he was an associate professor in organizational behavior and a research associate at Heidelberg University, Germany. Gaining experience abroad, he was a visiting fellow at the Graduate School of Business in Fontainebleau (France) and the Collin County College in Dallas (U.S.). His research interests include organisational behavior, corporate strategy, mergers & acquisitions, innovation management, and leading change.

Prof. Dr. Erich Bartel


Prof. Dr. Erich Bartel is professor of corporate culture and human resources at Frankfurt School. His research interests include change management, performance-oriented remuneration, and human capital.
He began his studies in economics with emphasis on human resource management in Augsburg. He was an assistant lecturer at Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen and was then employed with PA Consulting Group in Frankfurt am Main. He has held various positions at BfG Bank AG, incl. head of human resources development, TQM project manager and head of human resources. During this time he was also a member of the Board of Trustees for Bankakademie, an honorary judge at Frankfurt Labour Court and member of the Managing Board of Vereinigung für Bankberufsbildung. He recieved his Doctorate at the University of Stuttgart Hohenheim.

* Subject to change