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Frankfurt, 10.09.2019 12:00:00

Consultancy and Advisory Services for Individuals and Firms

Reference Number                         FPM-ASBL/AMI N° S2/2019/RDC              

Sector                                             Finance (Cooperatives, Financial Institutions and Banks)              

Duration                                         1 month              

Expiry Date    Oct. 11, 2019        

Presentation of FPM

FPM is a fund aiming at reducing poverty and improving the living standards of people in DR Congo. It supports the construction and development of an inclusive and responsible financial system by providing tailored technical assistance (FPM-ABSL) and refinancing services (FPM-SA) to financial institutions (FI) serving micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and the low-income working populations, which have a real potential of development.

Areas of intervention 

Institutional strengthening: to strengthen the capacities of FI;   

  • Governance, strategy/organization and institutional transformation ; 
  • Down and up scaling programs of FI targeting SMEs ; 
  • Control, audit and risk management; 
  • Capacity building of Human Ressources ; 
  • Financial and accounting management ; 
  • Information and Management System (MIS).

Specialized products:  rural, agricultural and house financing, renewable energy financing, and education financing.

Technological innovations: mobile banking and other innovative payment solutions, operational efficiency solutions, etc.

Context of the expressions of interest

In order to enrich its database of experts to implement TAs projects, this call for expressions of interest aims to identify individual experts and firms which skills, competence and experience match with the areas of intervention above and profile below:

For individuals

  • Master/Bachelor degree and specialization in finance, development, business management or similar disciplines linked to activities areas of FPM ;
  • At least 7 years of experience  or consultancy with microfinance (MFI) and retail banking/SME; an experience in DR Congo would be a plus;
  • Proof of expertise as a consultant in one or more of FPM ASBL areas of intervention.
  • Fluency in written and spoken French or English;

For firms

  • A panel of international and national experts with excellent expertise in the areas of intervention of FPM ASBL;  
  • Proof of experience in Sub-Saharan countries: an experience in DR Congo would be a plus;
  • Proof of success implementation and consultancy project in the financial sector (MFI, retail banking or SME banks); at least 5 years in developing countries. 
Application form

An electronic applications shall be submitted in French, with the references:  "Ref: AMI N°S2/2019/DRC " and to the electronic addresses and to

  1. Individual Expert
  • A cover letter expressing the interest.
  • Curriculum Vitae following the template available through the link "CV Format Standard ".
  1. Consulting firm
  • A cover letter expressing the interest.
  • Details of previous project experience or similar assignments undertaken in the previous 10 years and following the template "Project references".
  • The personnel structure and/or human resources available to conduct the assignment and CVs following the template "Staff Structure", "CV Standard Format".


In case of request for information or clarification, please contact: 

Recruitment Team
FPM ASBL Project, DR Congo