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Thematic Area:

Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance


2018 - 2019


European Climate  Foundation (ECF)



Country Coverage:           

Multiple European States

Project Overview

The Project aimed to develop a tracking mechanism, Finance fit for Paris (3fP)-Tracker, that screens and assesses existing financial market regulation and policies to evaluate where national financial regulations stand today relative to the 2-degree target established by the Paris Agreement. The analysis and comparison of policy developments across countries through the objective assessment by the 3fP-Tracker allows for the identification of best practices.

The Frankfurt School-UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance (FS-UNEP Centre) implemented the following activities:

  1. Evaluated financial market regulations and public support mechanisms by country (France, The Netherlands);
  2. Updated the previous evaluation of the European Union and Germany;
  3. Coordinated the development of a new, interactive website;
  4. Organised and delivered several civil society workshops and stakeholder dialogue with regulators, civil society organizations, financial sector, academics, etc.

To date, the tracker reports on the results of five EU Member States (France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Spain) and the EU. The tracker reflects how green financial regulation can serve as a key pillar to make financial flows consistent with the Paris Agreement.