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General Information

The GMAT is a challenging exam requiring substantial preparation for optimal performance.

Join the exclusive GMAT preparation course in Frankfurt and learn from Nicholas Barnard, business school admissions test expert with over 10 years’ experience. Providing you with the essentials, the one and a half day course guarantees high performance and excellent exam results for your Master and MBA applications. 

We would recommend taking at least one practice GMAT before the course so that all participants have a general understanding of the test. 

Beginners Course

No pre-studying required, but knowledge of the structure and question types would be an advantage. offers a free and accurate simulation test that is recommended for participants. The focus will be math and verbal fundamentals, and the application of these to the test format.

Intermediate Course

This course targets 650+ so participants are expected to have proficient English skills (C1+) and good math fundamentals. Participants should have completed at least 10 hours of GMAT study to follow the fast pace of the course. This course is open to participants who have already taken the test and who are looking to optimise their results, so participants will be expected to have good familiarity with the exam structure to be able to keep the pace and fully benefit. This course focusses on execution of knowledge in the test format more than background knowledge. Those with deficits in English or Math (or who have been out of school a few years) are encouraged to take the beginners course where fundamental concepts will be addressed. 

Upcoming dates

11-12 January - for all levels

8-9 March - Beginners

15-16 March - Intermediate

How was the course?

"It was very engaging and I was very surprised with the amount of tips and tricks I took away from the 2 valuable information filled days. The most enjoyable factor was the faculty kept all the participants very engaged and challenged them with good practice questions." 

Venkatesh Yuvaraj, GMAT Preparation Course participant

"I would definitely recommend the course to other test-takers, who are either at the beginning of the preparation, as it provides a great overview of the different parts of the GMAT and also gives a lot of tricks about how to approach different question types, as well as suggestions for test strategies, or to people who are at the end of the preparations and need some final advice. At the same time, there was a great atmosphere among the participants and the teacher."

Marianne Gravesen, GMAT Preparation Course participant