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Business Developer

Why did you choose the MiM?

After my Bachelor degree in engineering and some years of working experience in innovation management and business development, I wanted to extend my knowledge in commercial and strategic topics. The key requirement was to find a program which offers content that is not only relevant for finance or consulting but could also be applied to the (automotive) industry. Therefore the Master in Management offered the best possible content and on top the opportunity to continue working part-time for the company I already had a contract with.

What are the key skills that you took from the MiM?

The key skills were to get a toolset to analyze strategic challenges, find the root-causes for problems and develop realistic solutions – mostly from intense work on case studies. Furthermore the development of presentation skills and improvement of the English language completed the learning. Especially an increase in cultural awareness due to the exciting diversity of the international student group and the semester abroad is a unique key skill I took from the MiM program.

What does your current job look like?

I am working within Business Development at Continental’s Chassis and Safety Division. We are focusing on the market introduction of new safety functions and next-generation Advanced Driver Assistance Systems on the way to automated driving. After camera- and radar-based systems already reached a high level of maturity, we are currently working on connected-car functions like Vehicle-to-X communication which enables the vehicle to anticipate and detect dangerous situations before they even can be seen. Therefore our main tasks are the development of business plans and the definition of strategy on a global scale. This contains M&A investigations, product roadmap developments, investment plan calculations, manufacturing concepts and customer acquisition activities.

How would you recommend the MiM to future students?

Personally, I really enjoyed the overall combination of academic theory that could be applied directly at the many case studies during the two years. Since the 3-day full-time model enabled me to continue working in parallel, it was great to see that the skills were actually useful for the daily business. Besides this, the international group of students and direct contact to the professors - caused by a pleasant size of the class - helped a lot to have both: good learning opportunities but also a nice student life.

On top of that, many off-campus initiatives like Model United Nations conference in New York offered a great opportunity that was everything else than “boring studies”.

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